Concern about Arsenic in your Rice?

Concern about Arsenic in your Rice?

In light of a recent CBC Marketplace report on infant foods and cereals, we would like to address the topic of arsenic in rice.

Arsenic is a naturally-occurring element that is present throughout the environment and thus present in all food and water we consume. Rice naturally absorbs more arsenic versus other grains due to the irrigation/flooding stage of farming. Organic arsenic at natural levels presents virtually no risk to adults. However, inorganic arsenic created as a result of human industry is more toxic. Additionally, infants have simpler diets and eat more volume proportionate to body weight, increasing the chance of arsenic exposure.

We, the Rice People, take these reports very seriously. . We request irrigated water testing from all of our suppliers, but we also conduct regular local testing of heavy metals in all of our products to ensure they are at safe levels. It is owner Eva Sun’s personal philosophy to only sell products that she would be confident feeding her own children.

Regardless of who or where you are, we have some tips to reduce arsenic intake from rice: ⠀

– When shopping, choose Basmati and Jasmine rice⠀

– Pre-soak your rice overnight and drain before cooking, refilling the pot with fresh water ⠀

– Cook your rice as you would cook pasta, boiling in a pot with at least 1:6 water-to-rice ratio, draining the water when the rice has reached desired consistency

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